Capacity Building Workshop – Protected Areas Project | Conseil et Développement s.a.l.

Capacity Building Workshop – PAP project (2004)

Project : Protected Areas Project (Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve, Palm Islands Natural Reserve, Al Shouf Cedars Natural Reserve)
Event : Workshop/Presentation of the Marketing Plan and Fund Raising Strategy of the three natural reserves
Venue: Ministry of Environment – Jal el Dib – Lebanon
Organizers : Conseil et Développement s.a.l.
Date: March 25th 2004


A workshop/summary presentation of the Marketing Plan and the Fund Raising Strategy of the three nature reserves has taken place on Thursday 25/3/2004 at the Ministry of Environment in the presence of the management teams of the three reserves and responsibles from the Ministry of Environment.


The objectives of this workshop were the following :
1. To present and expose to the management teams the strategy adopted in the Marketing Plan to promote the reserves and the different tools that have to be used in order to reach the preset target and objectives.
2. To focus on the different activities presented in the updated Fund Raising Strategy for the three reserves, stressing on the importance of application of these activities in order to generate funds to the reserves and help them to reach self-sustainability.
3. To expose to the management teams the different realizations of our company in the implementation of the fund raising activities for the three reserves, and the contacts undertaken near to the different stakeholders and donors in order to assist the reserves and contribute in their development programs, stressing on the importance of the follow-up of all these parties by the management teams to reach the expected results.